How to get better rates with bad credit in Schuylkill Haven, PA 

Skook Auto Sales is more than just a pre-owned vehicle dealership with one of the most interesting inventories in eastern Pennsylvania. One of our specialties is helping otherwise good people find affordable and reliable vehicles who are in a tough financial situation. Certainly, our main efforts are centered around our very aggressively priced, ‘Buy Here, Pay Here’ stock. Anyone who has been wondering how to get better loan rates with bad credit in Schuylkill Haven, PA, the finance team at Skook Auto Sales has come up with a few tips that should be beneficial to potential buyers trying to find a safe and reliable, but most importantly, affordable vehicle. Anyone with questions can contact a Skook Auto Sales product expert by calling, 570-593-5278. 


What can I do to get lower interest? 

There are a lot of reasons a person can be in a less-than-ideal credit situation. Skook Auto Sales looks at the whole person, not only the number they’ve been assigned by a computer algorithm. Before someone starts looking for financing, there are a few things they can do to put themselves in the best possible position to get as low of a loan interest rate as possible.    

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Before you apply 

In the months or even years, leading up to applying for a loan, take the time to examine your credit report from the three major credit reporting agencies. Pay off as many outstanding accounts as possible and make sure everything is accurate. Errors in credit reporting are not uncommon and those mistakes can have major implications on future financing. 

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Check out your local credit union  

Financial experts are almost in universal agreement that credit unions are great for personal banking. Additionally, credit unions have a long history of working with people in tough financial situations. If you can get pre-approved for a loan before heading to a dealership like Skook Auto Sales, you’ll have a clearer idea of how much money you’re working with.  

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Get a cosigner   

A loan represents a financial risk for any banking institution or lender. Low credit scores are a big risk red flag. Banks and credit unions will look more favorably upon those who are able to get a cosigner. A cosigner takes on some of the responsibility of the loan in the event the primary borrower fails to make payments. Having a cosigner could save the primary borrower thousands of dollars in interest costs.