Is no money down a good deal when buying a car?

If you haven’t purchased a vehicle in a few years (or ever), you may be surprised to learn that many dealerships and financial institutions don’t require a down payment when buying a vehicle. In some cases, zero down is only available to those with good credit history, but in other cases, customers can utilize this ability regardless of their credit. But how good of a deal is it? Continue reading to learn more about no money down when purchasing a vehicle and whether it’s a good deal for you. Read the rest of this entry >>


Can you buy a car with a low credit score?

Have you been trying to buy a vehicle but keep encountering roadblocks due to a poor credit history? Here at Skook Auto Sales, we believe in second chances, which is why we aim to make it possible for every one of our customers to get a car, regardless of their credit. Continue reading to learn how we can help you purchase a vehicle even if you have a low credit score. Read the rest of this entry >>


How much money should you spend on a used car?

One of the most stressful parts of buying a vehicle is figuring out how much money to spend. Each person has a different budget that they’re working with, and it can be intimidating to try and determine how an auto loan fits in with your income and expenses. That’s why we wanted to put together this guide to help car shoppers answer the question, “How much money should I spend on a used car?” Read the rest of this entry >>


How can you buy a car after bankruptcy?

Filing for bankruptcy can leave a person feeling disheartened toward future financial endeavors, such as buying a car. Fortunately, many dealerships, including our team right here at Skook Auto Sales, understand the importance of offering second chances and helping people get back on the right track in terms of spending and budgeting. So, is it possible to purchase a vehicle after bankruptcy? Read the rest of this entry >>